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JonakAxom site is related to Assamese & English Story
Motivational Articles, Health Tips, Facts, and Tech, Assamese
Quotes, Slogans, Whatsapp, Social, Instagram, and more. So if you
want to write for us as a guest blogger or you have expertise in the
field, then share your story and knowledge with our readers. These
are great opportunities for our readers to learn from you.

What Topics Do We Publish?

  • Assamese / English Story or article
  • Inspirational Article
  • Article about  Assam or North-East India
  • Health /Beauty Tips
  • Love Quotes in Assamese
  • Assamese Whatsapp status post
  • Social marketing article
  • Blogging Tips / SEO

Article/Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • The article MUST be 100% unique and original. We would manually
    check it. Do not waste your time by sending spin/twisted
  • Article length should be at least 800 words or higher as much as
    possible. You may add pictures/videos/info-graphics/table into
    the article.
  • The article MUST not publish in any type of media before
    submission to this site. At best 1-2 follows links will be
    allowed. Do not link to low-quality sites.
  • The article should be highly consumable, proper formatting, and
    practical. Readers should feel interesting to read it.
  • Submit the article only when/if you agree with all the terms and
    conditions mentioned herein in these guidelines.
  • The subject of the E-mail for the guest post must be written as
    “Guest Post Request“.It may take 2-7 days to publish your guest
  • After publishing the content, JoankAxom owns the legal right of
    the content. However, we certainly mention the author's name
    along with the content.
  • It is appreciated that if/when we publish your great content;
    you should also share it on your social media and e-mail
  • We, the owner of JonakAxom reserve the full right to
    accept/reject any article for any reason.