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10 best Blogger SEO Settings | 2021 New Interface SEO Tips

10 best Blogger SEO Settings | 2021 New Interface SEO Tips

Eligibility for Adsense Basic Approval

Eligibility for Adsense Basic Approval

Setup for Blogger SEO, In 2022, Basic Requirements for Adsense Approval for bloggers, Many people today create websites with the purpose of profiting from them. Google Adsense is essential for producing money. Many people attempt to obtain AdSense for their website for a long period, with some success and others fail. While getting Google Adsense approval can be difficult, there are other reasons why many people fail.

These reasons are primarily due to Blogger's technical faults. When Google AdSense is denied by one person, it is quite difficult for others to figure out why. We'll see if your Blogger requirements are accessible for Adsense approval in this post.

Setup for Blogger SEO

When it comes to developing a blogger, SEO setup is crucial. Create a Google Analytics ID, add a description, add a Custom Domain, create a Search Console Page, and write a Meta Tag are all examples. All of these will enhance your Blogger's SEO ranking, and if you're a blogger, these are the basic settings to provide effectively.

You may find out how many people visit your Blogger by creating a Google Analytics ID. Visitors to your website can also see the country they are from and what gadget they are using to read your post. On the Google Analytics Page created for your Blogger, you can also obtain various information about Viewers. All of this Google Analytics data will aid your blogger's development.

10 Best Blogger SEO Settings | 2021 New Interface SEO Tips

This post is all about advanced blogger SEO settings to rank high on google. These Blogger SEO tips I am using on various of my blogger website and I get satisfying results after using them.

If you want to show your blog post on google search and rank higher than the other bloggers, you need to understand the SEO importance and work for it.

Follow the steps to learn the Blogspot SEO setting which I am showing with the image example

Okay, I forgot to tell you that if you are not using any Professional Domain like me it is also a factor of your lower SEO value. I suggest you buy a top-level domain for your blog ( only if you want to be a serious blogger like me)

Is Blogger Completely Free Or Not

Yes, my friend. Google provides you free freedom of blogging. As blogger.com is a part of google so will get free web hosting + free SSL along with some awesome tools when you choose blogger.com as your blogging platform.

So taking the advantage of free service let me tell you the,

10 Advanced Blogger SEO Settings | 2021 New Interface SEO Tips

I have categorized it into 10 parts. Read thoroughly and implement it on your blog

1 Basic SEO Settings

These basic settings include writing the SEO-friendly blog title, and description, adding your own favicon, etc.

How to write your SEO-friendly blog title and description?

Suppose you are writing a blog related to Literature or Indian Story. and you have already bought a domain example.com. then your blog title should be example.com - Indian Story.

In the description, the field writes some sentences related to your blog niche.

[caption id="attachment_392" align="aligncenter" width="720"best Blogger SEO Settings how to do seo in blogspot[/caption]

Next, select blog language and put your analytics code. If you don't have the analytics code learn here to set up google analytics for blogger

Next, create a favicon with this favicon tool and upload it to your blog.

2. Privacy Setting

Privacy is all about to whether you wanted to show your blog on a google search or make it invisible from it.

[caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="720"] best Blogger SEO Settings how to do seo in blogspot (3)[/caption]


You should keep it open so that you can index your blog post URL to Google. If it is off then no organic traffic you will get from google

3 Publishing

Publishing includes the blog address of your blogger blog. If you have bought a top-level domain then the old address is redirected to the new one if you keep the redirect button is on.Learn 

How to set up a custom domain on Blogspot

4 Enable SSL for Blogger

Blogger.com provides you a free SSL certificate on your blog. You can activate it by clicking the HTTPS availability button.

When someone opens HTTP://yourblogname.com    then it can automatically redirect to HTTPS://yourblogname.com if you enable the HTTPS redirect button. 

This is the best service provided by Google for free. For WordPress, you have to apply for Paid SSL to enable HTTPS of go to third-party SSL provides like Cloudflare.

5 Permissions

Permission is all about the details of blog admin and author list. If you want to invite other bloggers to use to write a post on your blog you can explore this setting.

Advanced Blog SEO Settings | Seo for bloggers

Reader access is also another privacy button. Make sure you have clicked on the public. Otherwise, nobody can read your blog post.

6 Post

The post section is another option to set up your blog post display.

In this setting, you can manage how many post-show are on your homepage.

Advanced Blog SEO Settings | Seo for bloggers

In idea pannel the topics are according to your blog niche and name


In comment settings, you can see different options. You can set up your comment location in a pop-up window, full-page, or embedded.

You can set up who can comment on your blog ( I make this setting to anonymous so that people who have no google account can comment on my blog.

Advanced Blog SEO Settings | Seo for bloggers

To reduce the spam comment on your blog enable the comment moderation setting. Whenever somebody comments on your blog post, without your approval the comment is not visible.

Comment can make the user experience better and I suggest you to reply every comment on your blog.

8 Email Settings

In the email setting, you can post your blog post through the email system. These factors are not so important for Blogspot SEO. Keep it default as shown in the photo below.

Google blogger seo setting for ranking | Blogspot SEO

9 Formatting

This setting helps you to manage the time and date setting on your BlogSpot blog. As I am managing this site from India so I set up with Indian time as shown below.

Google blogger seo setting for ranking | Blogspot SEO

For Indian bloggers, the time zone should be India is 5:30 Kolkata, India.

10 Meta tags

Meta tags are very important while you are doing SEO setting on your blog. It helps to rank your site on google. Always enable the search description. The main keywords should be added to your blog search description.

Google blogger seo setting for ranking | Blogspot SEO

11 Crawling and Indexing

This is simply some command for google bot to decides which page they should index and which should not be indexed.

At first, you have to enable Enable custom robots.txt and enable custom robots header tags.

For custom, robots.txt read my Best SEO Robots.txt Standard Code For Google Blogger 2021 and copy the code


Google blogger seo setting for ranking | Blogspot SEO



to make these settings work you need to add your blog to the google search console which helps you to index your site on the google search engine and then you can manage all settings.

You can change now home page tags, Archive and Search tags, and the Post and Page tags as shown in the photo below.

Home page tags settings Select all and Node


Advanced Blogger SEO Settings | New Interface SEO Tips



Archive and Search Tags- Select Noindex and Noodp


Advanced Blogger SEO Settings | New Interface SEO Tips



Post and Page Tags- Select All and Noodp


Seo for bloggers | hidden seo setting for bloggers



So these are the 11 Advanced Blogger SEO Settings you have to set up to make visible on google search and rank your post.

Basic Requirements for Adsense Approval for bloggers

Adding a description to your Blogger can help Google figure out what a category is. When your website is displayed on Google, this Desciprion appears directly below the Blogger URL. This description will also tell you what category your blogger posts are in.

One of the most crucial aspects of blogging is the Custom Domain. Your blogger's identity is determined by the name you give the custom domain. This custom domain will make it easier for your visitors to remember your website's URL. It's also beneficial to the SEO ranking of your website.

Basic Requirements for Adsense Approval for bloggers

For your Blogger, you must construct a Search Console Page. Their major task is to crawl your blog to see how many posts you have, make a data report, and index each of your content on Google. When someone searches for a term, your content will appear on the first page thanks to our Search Console. We'll also keep track of what's wrong with your blogger in a data report. Shows you Blogger mistakes as well as vital reports that need to be rectified.

Meta tags are a quick and easy way to tag what you post on your blog. These tags are highly crucial in your Blogger's SEO settings. Giving these meta tags precisely will assist your blogger in receiving more visitors in the future. Writing all of your tags in these high-search-volume phrases will increase your website's SEO Rank quality.

Is getting AdSense clearance difficult?

In 2022, getting a Google AdSense account is fairly simple. Within 24 hours, you can acquire AdSense approval. If you own websites, blogs, or forums, set up an AdSense account. If you're a new blogger or have a new website, please read the personal rules I've listed below in depth.

In comparison to personal blogs or websites, news websites or forums receive quick AdSense clearance because they post more content. If you're a new blogger or have a brand new website, please read the entire article on how to apply for the Google AdSense Program in 2022.

How can I receive AdSense approval as soon as possible?

In 2022, use your professional experience to gain AdSense approval quickly: Only if your website meets these three criteria will you be eligible for a quick AdSense account approval:

Core Web Vitals represent loading, interactivity, and visual stability for the 

  • best user experience.
  • High-quality content: This does not necessarily imply a lengthy post, but your website should supply consumers with the information they need.
  • Site for micro-niches: Use your knowledge and experience to create unique content using long-tail keywords.
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