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What is CDN and 5 benefits of adding it on Blog

What is CDN and 5 benefits of adding it on Blog


What is CDN and 5 benefits of adding it on Blog

What is CDN and 5 benefits of adding it on Blog

What is CDN, every blogger and website owner should have good information about this time. Because blog is loading fast due to Cdn ie Content Delivery Network.

And you must know how important it is to have a blog fast loading. And it also increases blog traffic.

CDN is very important to increase the speed of So Site. In this post, you will share complete information about what a CDN is. Due to which you will be able to understand it well.

What is cdn

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system that makes fast delivery of the content of your site to the user. Suppose you have hosted your site on Hostgator or Bluehost or any site, then they all have the same data center. And in one place it is host.

So if you open your site from another location, then your request also goes to the same data center, with the data center being the same. Which your blog site is slow open.

But the data center of the delivery network is at different geographical locations. So when a user opens the site, the site's files, Image etc serve from the nearest data center of the CDN.

So your site opens very quickly. In simple words, we use a technique called content replication name in Cdn. Which is copied to the difference server located in different region. So when you open your site, the server serves not from your hosting but from the nearest data center of CDN.

Which CDN to use

Many companies provide CDN service like, Max CDN, Cloudflare, Key CDN, Akamai etc. But if we have popularity and best paid cdn, then Max Cdn is the most liked CDN by the users.

And if we talk about free CDN, then Clouadflare CDN is the best.

So friends, what is a CDN and you have to understand which CDN to use. Let us now know about Profit’s of Content Delivery Networks.

WordPress Blog Ko Fast Loading Kaise Banaye (1.8sec)

5 benefits of using CDN

There are many benefits of using CDN, some of which are telling you in the main profits below.

You will be able to understand the importance of CDN more thoroughly.

(1) Web Site Loading Speed: Using CDN will open your sites fast. And you must be aware that if the loading speed of the blog site is good then both visitors and Google will like your site. And returning visitors to the blog will also increase.

Therefore, to make the loading speed of the blog fast, it is necessary to use CDN.

(2) Search Ranking: Your post on Google will be indexed fast due to good site speed. And by having a fast index, the rank of the site will also increase along with the traffic of the site.

(3) Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate is a percentage of how long visitors stay on the blog.

If the site takes a long time to open, then visitors will not stop until your site is open. And will go to some other blog.

In such a situation, such traffic will not be lost due to fast loading speed of the website. Also, if the post link is open soon, then visitors will stay on your site for a long time.

And it has a lower bounce rate of the blog. Which is beneficial for any blog.

(4) Traffic: When the loading, search ranking of your blog is good, then you will get a lot of traffic from the search engine. That is, by using CDN, visitors to the blog will also increase.

(5) Earning: If the traffic on the blog is good then the earnings of the blog will also increase. This means that your traffic will also increase due to more traffic on the blog.

So friends, you must have now understood how important a CDN is for a blog.

Finally, now you tell me what is the CDN, how did you find this information? Or if there is any question, then tell it on the comment box below.

I will be happy to help you.

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